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Parker Cleaning and Restoration Herndon Va 20170

Need real Office Cleaning ?

Office and Facility Cleaning Herndon Va 20170






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Carpet Cleaning Herndon Va 20170
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Certified Cleaning Professionals Herndon Va 20170

1.  Always take shoes off in your house ,Over 60% of homes have bacterias in their carpets from the bottom of your shoes walking around outside, as well as other germs that you bring in the house.

2. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum !! This is extremely important to extend the life of your carpets, dirt is sand, and sand is glass, this is why you see dark wear patterns, the dirt has cut the carpet fibers and now projects a dark, dingy look, so its important to vacuum 1-2  times a week.

3. Get your carpets professionaly cleaned every 6 months, this will keep your carpets looking new and protect your investment saving you thousands of dollars from having to get your carpets replaced. Your carpet is the sponge of the house, it holds all the germs, allergens,viruses, and bacterias, and if you have pets its even worse.

WARNING - Please do not put off getting your carpets cleaned, the longer you wait the damage could be irreversible. Below are some tips that will keep your carpets looking new forever. 

Parker Cleaning & Restoration,LLC was formed and created after the owners grew tired of watching commercial clients,and residential clients get taken-advantage of by cleaning companies.We have over 20 years experience in the cleaning industry,and over the years have learned all the wrong and right ways to do things.At one point or another,the owners have worked for several of the big national cleaning companies,down to the small ones, and guess what we've learned?Most of these compaines 1).Train staff to rush,and do the job as fast as possible to save company money. 2).Over sell clients services that they dont need(lying).3).Not performing all the services you paid for(cutting-corners).4).Dont really train staff,and have no quality control measures for health and security of clients.5).Most important issue in this business(most cleaning companies treat there workers bad).That only leads to the worker coming into your home or business and doing a rush job.We treat all of our employees with dignity,and respect,and we pay them well,we also give weekly and monthly bonuses to our hardest workers.With the economy the way is,we try to be a company where people can work and feel good about what they do,and a place that provides consistant,steady,and dependable work,for people in our community.We are a 100% locally owned and operated company, based out of Herndon Va,and we invest back into the community.We only clean with 100% GREEN cleaning products,safe for our planet,safe for your pets,and safe for your babies,and children.We are a family run business, and our name means everything to us, bringing honesty, integrity, and dependability back to the cleaning industry!


Move out Cleaning Herndon Va 20170

Need Move out Cleaning or Property Turnover ?

Homeowners, Renters, RealEstate Agents, Property Managers, we can help you with a long list of services, and detail clean your property back to like new . We're the only company in the DC area that SPECIALIZES in Move Out Cleans

Customer Satisfaction Herndon Va 20170

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Professional Carpet Cleaners Herndon Va 20170

5 - Star  Cleaners

Cleaned Right the First time, EVERYTIME !

Extremely professional, reliable and high quality work! Thank you!

Facebook-Nichole Donofrio Zenteno

Sterling, Virginia

A provision in our lease required us to have our carpets professionally cleaned before moving out. Mr. Parker was very nice and did an amazing job. It's clear that he takes great pride in his work, and he really is fantastic at what he does. After the appointment, the house definitely looked better than it had when we'd moved in! His prices are very fair as well.

Yelp-Jessica D

Herndon, Virginia

I have been paying to have my carpets cleaned for many years. I was always satisfied because I did not know any better. I could not understand why Parker took so much longer than anyone had in the past. When I inspected my carpets I knew, I had never really had my carpets cleaned before. The difference was surprising, maybe it is because their focus is commercial, maybe it is just because they do a good job but they will be doing my house going forward.

Yelp-Kathy S

Sterling, Virginia

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