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Office-Facility Cleaning

Parker Cleaning & Restoration provides a variety of cleaning services for businesses .A clean office reflects well on a business,and shows clients that your a first-class organization.A clean and germ-free environment leads to fewer employees calling out sick,and increased productivity from employees,a happier,and healthy workforce! We will put together a customized cleaning program for your business thats affordable,and suited to your specific needs,we offer daily,bi-daily,weekly,monthly,or one-time cleaning plans.Let us focus on keeping your office clean so you can focus on growing your business.Check out our Office Cleaning  section for details.
Property Turnovers
Parker Cleaning & Restoration works with property managers, and real estate agents to restore properties back to a brand new condition.We understand its important to get a property back on the market as fast as possible,we restore apartments,condos,townhomes,single-family homes,commercial buildings.We take before and after pictures for the manager or agent,and provide a detailed service list of work done,and work recommended,all while staying within your budget.We know your busy,so we make it easy,and hassle-free for you.Check out our Property Turnover section for details.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

We are the best,and most affordable carpet & upholstery cleaning company in the metro area.Our carpet techs work harder than the competition.We are a family business,and believe that hard working families should be able to afford to have their carpets,and upholstery cleaned.We do not rip people off like most franchises do,we offer FREE spot-remover & deodorizer (it should be free,your already paying to get your carpets cleaned).We do not bait&switch on price,the agreed price will stay the same regardless of how dirty your carpets are when we get there,we treat people with respect,and we never push,or pressure sell people.We are fully trained,and certified,and always professional,and well-manored.All of our cleaning products are 100% safe for the earth,pets,and babies,we never use harsh chemicals! At our prices,you can afford to get your carpets cleaned 3 times a year,and nobody works harder than our carpet techs,people are amazed at how hard we work on the clients carpets.DEEP-STEAM CLEANING at its best,at the best price! Check out our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning section for details.

Quality Control Promise
Parker Cleaning & Restoration,LLC is bringing class,and integrity back to the cleaning industry.We are fully insured,licensed,and bonded,and well trained,and certified to perform the various tasks of this industry.We take our clients security,and health very seriously,all our workers are trained and tested to make sure they have mastered our quality control measures for our clients.We run background checks,and our whole team is 100% legal tax paying citizens.and speak fluent english.Everyone is trained to Detail clean,and never cut corners,or take shortcuts,we have a ZERO tolerance policy towards slackers.Our owners,as well as supervisors check behind our cleaners work often to make sure our standards are being met.And our work stays consistant,we dont clean good for a few months then slack off,we ALWAYS get the job done.We dont talk the talk,we walk it,and stand behind all the work we do,we believe soo much that we are the best that we offer the greatest guarantee in the business (
IF AT ANYTIME YOUR NOT HAPPY WITH OUR CLEANING,YOU CAN CANCEL CONTRACT AT ANY TIME) and only pay for services already performed!100% risk-free for our clients.And we can always be reached,we always answer our phones,and if we do miss you,we call back asap.Check out our Quality Control Promise section for details.

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About us

Parker Cleaning & Restoration,LLC was formed and created after the owners grew tired of watching commercial clients,and residential clients get taken-advantage of by cleaning companies.We have over 20 years experience in the cleaning industry,and over the years have learned all the wrong and right ways to do things.At one point or another,the owners have worked for several of the big national cleaning companies,down to the small ones,and guess what we've learned?Most of these compaines 1).Train staff to rush,and do the job as fast as possible to save company money. 2).Over sell clients services that they dont need(lying).3).Not performing all the services you paid for(cutting-corners).4).Dont really train staff,and have no quality control measures for health and security of clients.5).Most important issue in this business(most cleaning companies treat there workers bad).That only leads to the worker coming into your home or business and doing a rush job.We treat all of our employees with dignity,and respect,and we pay them well,we also give weekly and monthly bonuses to our hardest workers.With the economy the way is,we try to be a company where people can work and feel good about what they do,and a place that provides consistant,steady,and dependable work,for people in our community.We are a 100% locally owned,and operated company,based out of Herndon,Va,and we invest back into the community.We only clean with 100% GREEN cleaning products,safe for our planet,safe for your pets,and safe for your babies,and children.We are a family run business,and our name means everything to us,bringing honesty,integrity,and dependability back to the cleaning industry!!

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